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Most builder's reports won't include a check for pests or infestation?

Free Home Pest Check Worth $100


Geographical & seasonal information on your area

On-site inspection for signs of common pest activity

Identification of hazards that lead to an infestation

Advice on preventative & treatment actions you can take


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We’re in the business of peace of mind; not sharing a
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And there’s nothing quite like that peaceful sleep; no scuttling, tapping or crawling. Not even a peep.

(Except from maybe a chip packet but you’ll know
it ain’t no mouse making the racket.)

We’re so passionate about what we do, we wrote a poem. Multi-talented.
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Pest Updates

Regular Pest Updates for the Wellington Region & Beyond


Signs Your Home Has Pests

There’s a saying that prevention is better than the cure and it’s certainly true in the pest control world. First thing’s first: what are some of the signs of the most common pests that may be present in your home?

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Wellington Home

Is my house vulnerable?

Although there are plenty of ways your home can become vulnerable or attractive to pests many of these can be addressed with simple care and attention once you know what to look out for.

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What our customers say

We're proud of how we've helped our customers

Maggie LovedayWellington
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Nic has been amazing with helping us get rid of mice at one property and spiders at another. He is very responsive and professional. Would highly recommend this service.
Matt BennettWellington
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We used to have major issues with ants but Nic came in tracked down where they were coming from and sorted the issue and even if the odd one comes back I give him a call and he is straight round tracking them down. Top service and real down to earth guy.
Emma SmithWellington
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I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help battle our very sudden rat infestation. Nick was amazing & very quick to answer any questions or concerns. About 6 months later we heard some scuttling in the roof again, gave him a call & he came over within the next day to refill the traps no hassle. And we were covered under the first warranty! Very, very happy with the service we received! Thank you!
Danielle BalsarasEastbourne
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Nic is as determined as they come, loves a challenge and is as committed to make your home the haven you hope it to be! I texted him at 3am, he responded before 9am and was at my house by lunch.