Combat Pest Control Terms & Conditions

  1. Only one free check available per customer.
  2. Availability of free pest checks are limited and as such we may not be able to provide this service on a given day.
  3. We reserve the right to not provide a free pest check for any reason.
  4. Booking: A website booking is not confirmation the free check will be carried out at the indicated time. We will contact you to confirm details of dates and times.
  5. To make the most of this service we recommend it is carried out on a house you already have under contract, though this may not always be possible i.e in a purchase by tender, or auction.
  6. Access: The customer is responsible for arranging suitable access to the property at a time agreed by Combat Pest Control. An ideal time may be to line this up with the building inspection.
  7. We reserve the right to charge the $100 report cost if the property is not accessible at the agreed time.
  8. Report Content: This report will be prepared based on observations we are able to make based on accessible areas of the property, a lack of an observation within the report doesn’t indicate there are no pests or will not be any in the future. Please note that this inspection has been conducted at a particular time of day and under those climatic conditions. Whilst we have taken every care to comment on all aspects of pest activity at the dwelling, we cannot comment on past or future events that do not occur during our inspection.
  9. Although the report will be prepared to the best of our ability and expertise and the information contained will be our expert opinion based on observations made on site Combat Pest Control is not liable for any cost that may arise from actions or inactions taken by the customer based on the information contained in the report.
  10. Liability: There are no guarantees explicit or implied given by the contents of the inspection report.
  11. The content of the report is confidential intended solely for the customer and shall not be relied upon by any third parties.